Aluminum vs Steel Displays

Discover Which Fixtures Are Right For Your Retail Space

At Megawall, we offer both steel and aluminum fixtures to meet the needs of your retail space. While both materials are extremely durable and easy to maintain, each has a distinct set of advantages to suit your requirements. Continue reading to find out more.

Aluminum Retail Displays

If you’re going for a polished, high-end appearance, aluminum displays may be the right choice for you. Most aluminum units are available in 4 different finishes – white, black, anodized and raw – all of which provide a stylish backdrop to your products. Regardless of the color, Megawall aluminum displays are engineered to resist dust and formaldehyde, making them easy to clean over time.

Plus, our aluminum fixtures are quick and easy to install, which is highly useful when it comes time to rearrange layouts and seasonal displays. Hidden fasteners help create a smooth, professional look.

Steel Retail Displays

Steel is widely recognized for its strength and quality, and Megawall fixtures are no different. Our steel displays will last through many seasons of use without warping, breaking or delaminating. While conventional materials might bend under the weight of heavy accessories and products, steel will not. In fact, our steel slatwall system can hold up to 50 lb. per linear foot. These fixtures are also designed to meet fire codes, giving you added peace of mind.

Customers also love the slatwall system for its hidden fasteners, which provide a sleek, streamlined look, and for its host of customizable features. Unlike aluminum, our steel displays are available in a broad spectrum of finishes and colors, from pristine white to candy apple red to galvanized. There are also more trim and corner customization options for steel displays, allowing you to truly personalize the look and feel of your store.

Customize Your Fixtures Today

With two different types of metal available at Megawall, you’ll be able to select the shape, size and finish that meets your budget, aesthetic and functional requirements. Browse our assortment of H-frame, L-frame, T-frame and pinwheel displays today. For more information about steel and aluminum Megawall fixtures, submit all your questions using our online form and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.