Steel MegaWall offers unbending quality and strength. Display your products on us season after season with no fear of warp, breaking or delamination.

Looking Good

Design with a range of durable steel and powder coated finishes. Extend aesthetics with longer product length and freestanding for flexibility of any layout.

Standing Strong

Uncompromising stability and strength lets products stand out for maximum impact. Supports heavier accessories.

Creating Value

Standard and custom options. Durable, long-lasting, easy-to-maintain products create high ROI.

Looking to swap out old, damaged fixtures? Plan on remodeling your entire retail store? With help from the experts at Megawall, you?ll be able to upgrade product displays with our strong steel slatwall offerings. Delivering more strength than conventional medium-density fiberboard (MDF) fixtures and panels, the Megawall Steel Slatwall System is comprised of interlocking sections that form uninterrupted wall and display areas with 3? of slat spacing, helping optimize your store?s layout. Choose from a variety of colors, finishes, designs and custom options to create a unique experience for your buyers.

Steel Slatwall Features

  • Custom, unique and standard finishes
  • 3″ on center
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Holds over 50lbs per linear foot
  • Meets fire codes
  • Stronger than conventional MDF fixtures

Experience The Strength Of Steel
By choosing the Megawall Steel Slatwall System, you?re selecting a product that offers a high return on investment (ROI). The unparalleled strength of steel, coupled with our innovative slatwall system, creates a lasting display designed to withstand years of use. Since our steel products support heavier accessories ? over 50 lb. per linear foot ? you?ll be able to maximize the presentation of your entire inventory and create eye-catching displays that appeal to a diverse array of customers. In addition, the steel slatwall system is easy to maintain, so your products will stand out for years to come.

Standard Colors And Premium Finishes
Complement or enhance your store?s buyer-friendly environment with the wide range of steel and powder-coated finishes offered by our steel slatwall system. Choose from standard colors, like Black, White, Grey, Clear on Steel, Bright Galvanized and Beige, and discover the perfect hue for your retail store. The slatwall system is also available in premium finishes, including Clear on Brushed, Clear on Swirl, Platinum, Candy Apple Red and Candy Apple Blue. For even more display solutions, Megawall offers matching edge and corner trims, custom lengths and color matching to suit the aesthetic of your retail space.

Contact Us
With the Megawall Steel Slatwall System, you no longer have to worry about your current display system breaking, warping or delaminating. If you?re unsure of where to begin, let Megawall help. Give us a call or submit our online form to learn more about the steel products we offer. You can also ask about samples and receive a personalized quote tailored to your retail store?s unique needs.

Product Information

Steel Panel Sizes
Steel Panel Sizes 3 inch Steel Megawall 3 inch Steel Megawall

32 Square ft Sections

Boxed with individual pieces, priced in 32 sq ft sections to cover either:

  • 8' W. X 4' T.
  • 4'W. X 8' T.

"We have projects with very tight deadlines and MegaWall helps us meet the challenges and still maintain excellent quality."

"MegaWall offers excellent solutions to challenging aspects of our projects. The team is creative and willing to help."

"The Megawall slatwall that adorns our office at Creative Studio Promotions is a focal point for all who enter. The unique texture of the slatwall creates a professional yet stylish element on which we can display our branded merchandise. This upscale treatment makes for a better impression ? every time."

Menda Wright, Co-Owner of Creative Studio Promotions

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