You'll never stand alone; Megawall display fixtures in multiple configurations maximize your floor space and store design. They effortlessly handle heavy products other displays can?t.

Offering the strength of permanent wall units with the flexibility of movable displays, Megawall fixtures are a great way to optimize your retail store?s floor space and general layout. Available in four unique designs ? H-Unit, L-Unit, T-Unit and Pinwheel ? our modular displays are designed to enhance your merchandising opportunities and increase conversion rates. With Megawall fixtures, you?ll be able to highlight your seasonal inventory, expand your regular assortment and position promotional products right where you want them. Customize each fixture?s design, size, slatwall material and finish to complement your store?s aesthetic.

Choosing The Right Fixture To Enhance The Buyer Experience
When your customers walk into your establishment, you want them to feel welcome. By strategically placing your fixtures, you can maximize your floor plan?s effectiveness and entice buyers to shop. Choose from the following Megawall custom fixtures:

Fixtures Customized For Your Retail Space
Create eye-catching displays and improve the buyer experience with Megawall?s metal and modular systems. Available in various heights and widths, our fixtures are the perfect complement to your retail space, whether you?re looking for a small fixture to place alongside an endcap or a larger display system to fill an empty space at the front of your shop. Choose from steel or aluminum slatwall to properly support and display your products, and select custom designs and finishes to highlight your inventory. Once you have your Megawall fixture assembled and in place, you can add on shelves, brackets and peg hooks to successfully showcase your merchandise.

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As a family-owned and -operated company, Megawall offers custom display systems to retailers that are tailored to their unique store environment. If you have any questions or are in need of suggestions, contact our experts by submitting our online form or giving us a call. We can also provide samples and a personalized quote to streamline your buying process.

"We have projects with very tight deadlines and MegaWall helps us meet the challenges and still maintain excellent quality."

"MegaWall offers excellent solutions to challenging aspects of our projects. The team is creative and willing to help."

"The Megawall slatwall that adorns our office at Creative Studio Promotions is a focal point for all who enter. The unique texture of the slatwall creates a professional yet stylish element on which we can display our branded merchandise. This upscale treatment makes for a better impression ? every time."

Menda Wright, Co-Owner of Creative Studio Promotions

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