NuPanel Systems create a robust yet refined display with optional protective rails and graphic areas.

Retrofit Panel

Drops easily into any standard gondola to update the look and functionality with 1" aluminum Megawall

End Cap Panel

Replaces pegboard and improves functionality

Wing Panel

Adds additional merchandise space on the end of the gondola end caps

Update the look of your retail space and beautifully highlight a range of products with help from the Megawall NuPanels Retrofit System. Designed to upgrade outdated gondolas, our NuPanels System offers a cost-effective remodeling solution. Comprised of three components ? the retrofit panel section, the endcap panel and the wing panel ? this innovative system adds stylish merchandise space to your current gondolas. With plenty of size and color options to choose from, the NuPanels System affords a robust, yet refined, look in your retail store.

Countless options

  • 14 1/2″, 36″ and 48″ wide units
  • Multiple heights include 48″, 60″ and 72″
  • 1″ aluminum Megawall
  • Retrofit panel sections
  • Easy attachment
  • Single and double sided
  • Anodized finish

Retrofit Panel Sections Install In Minutes

Tailored to fit 36? or 48? gondolas, the NuPanels retrofit panel sections are two-sided, modular segments that drop into preexisting displays. You can choose either to use the panels as independent top or bottom sections in 6? increments or as entire panels. Since the gondola slotted uprights remain completely accessible, you can easily install shelving, header signs or inserts when sales or product assortments change. In addition, these panels are made from durable anodized aluminum, feature 1? slat spacing and are available in 12?, 24? and 36? standard heights for your convenience.

Optimize Your Store?s Square Footage With Wing Panels

Maximize your merchandising space with NuPanels Wing Panels. These sections add additional room to store products on the end of gondola endcaps. Select from 48?H, 54?H, 66?H or custom-size wing panel assemblies with either rails or sign holders, which allow you to attach sign graphics on the outside. Both units feature hanger brackets on the top and bottom for quick and easy assembly in about one minute.

Endcap Panels for Standard Gondolas

With the NuPanels endcap panels, replacing pegboard and updating endcaps has never been easier. The single-sided endcap panel assembly is designed for 36?W or 48?W gondolas and can be ordered to fit 48?H, 60?H and 72?H gondolas ? although additional sizes may be available. Made from aluminum, the panels boast 1? slat spacing, letting you customize your store?s displays exactly how you see fit.

NuPanels Panel-Mod Clip System

Enabling the installation of 1? aluminum Megawall Panels, the Panel-Mod clip system offers an instant way to showcase key visual areas or update old units. Designed to fit standard slotted gondola uprights, Panel-Mod clips fit into matching extrusions for a secure installation. The Panel-Mod system is available in 6? increments.

Give Your Retail Space A Whole New Look

Are you ready to improve the functionality and appearance of your outmoded gondolas? Fill out our online form or give us a call to request samples and a personalized quote.

"We have projects with very tight deadlines and MegaWall helps us meet the challenges and still maintain excellent quality."

"MegaWall offers excellent solutions to challenging aspects of our projects. The team is creative and willing to help."

"The Megawall slatwall that adorns our office at Creative Studio Promotions is a focal point for all who enter. The unique texture of the slatwall creates a professional yet stylish element on which we can display our branded merchandise. This upscale treatment makes for a better impression ? every time."

Menda Wright, Co-Owner of Creative Studio Promotions

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