Choosing The Right Display For Your Business

Choosing Your Retail Display Options

When it comes to making sales, the arrangement of your products on displays and fixtures plays a critical role. Your displays must be as customer friendly as possible, and they should draw attention to your products in a subtle, yet effective manner. Before deciding how to display your assortment of products, take the following tips into consideration to maximize your store’s sales potential.

Make The Most Of Your Walls

The walls of your store will prove invaluable to your product display strategy. Wall fixtures – such as Megawall’s Steel Slatwall System – allow you not only to save interior space, but to ensure that no matter where a customer’s eyes may wander, they’ll land on a product that might pique their interest.

Take Your Featured Products Into Account

Is your store currently focusing on moving a particular product? Are you seeking to highlight a specific seasonal display? If you’re in either position, pay close attention to the floor fixtures that are available to you – and once you purchase the fixtures, how you’re setting them up.  L-Frame fixtures make it easy to display potential impulse purchases while guiding the customer toward a fixture you wish to highlight.

Stay On Brand

One last thing to consider when purchasing displays is the option to customize. Is your brand defined by bright hues? Or have you always opted for sleek neutral tones? Keep your image in mind when making a purchase to ensure that fixtures complement your aesthetic. Doing so may require customization, but many fixtures – including those from Megawall – can easily be finished in a variety of bold or traditional colors to meet your merchandising needs.

Start Setting Up

Whether you’re preparing for the next season or starting a brand-new business, Megawall offers displays that can help you keep sales flowing. Check out our selection of fixtures online or contact us to place your order.