Fixture Maintenance Tips

How To Keep Your Displays Looking Good As New

Now that you’ve invested in high-quality fixtures from Megawall, it’s critical to perform regular and effective maintenance. Both our steel and aluminum fixtures are engineered for long-lasting performance and require minimal care – making them a preferred choice for high-traffic stores. Our aluminum fixtures in particular are designed to resist dust and formaldehyde. And during the customization process, you can also select a finish type and color that offers additional protection against scratches and stains.

Even so, follow these 6 tips to ensure the integrity and beauty of your Megawall retail displays:

  1. Clean Consistently. Incorporate a regular cleaning routine in your store’s schedule. That way, you’ll be able to catch dust and debris before they have the chance to build up.
  2. Use Appropriate Products. Whether you’re wiping down the fixtures or polishing them, it’s important to use the right products. To find out which cleaning solutions work best with the material and finish you’ve selected, consult a Megawall customer service
  3. Optimize Location. In order to prevent customers from walking into and potentially marring the fixtures, make sure the store’s layout has generous walkways between every display.
  4. Don’t Overlook the Wheels. If you have rolling Megawall fixtures, don’t forget to maintain the wheels. They’ll collect dust, dirt and debris, such as loose threads and paper scraps, much quicker than the rest of the fixture will.
  5. Keep Up Appearances. When decorating your displays, consider how you want to use them in the long run. For example, you might want to put up backing and signage to attract customers’ attention, but try to avoid adhesives and hardware that might leave marks afterwards.
  6. Refresh the Hooks. Pair your new fixtures with new brackets, pegs and shelves. Using damaged or worn hooks can detract from the store’s overall appearance and potentially mark up the displays.

With sleek, well-kept fixtures, your customers will want to keep coming back for more. Place your order for steel or aluminum fixtures today by contacting Megawall at