T-Unit Fixture

Versatile Two-Sided Display

Is your store in need of a display that’s as versatile as it is durable? Look no further than Megawall’s T-frame display fixtures. Boasting an ideal balance of a wall unit’s dependable strength and the flexibility of modular fixtures, this sturdy display can easily be customized to meet the needs of any merchandising plan.

Product Specifications


There are a variety of sizes to choose from


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Steel Finishes

White, Anodized, Galvanized, Candy Apple Red, Candy Apple Blue, Swirl, Dove Gray, Black, Beige, Platinum, Clear On Steel, Clear On Brushed

Aluminum Finishes

White, Anodized

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Strength That Lasts

When designing your Megawall T-frame, you’ll first have to choose which material you’d prefer. Fortunately, both of your options – aluminum and steel – are designed to stand the test of time. Our powerful aluminum and steel products are each crafted to hold more than 50 lb. per linear foot, ensuring that bending and warping of display fixtures is a worry of the past. Plus, these materials are easy to clean and maintain, which makes it that much easier for you to focus on achieving your sales goals.

Customize Your T-Frame Fixtures

When creating retail displays, it’s essential to be strict about ensuring each and every fixture reflects your brand’s image. Megawall makes this simple by allowing you to customize the look and style of each of our fixtures. Once you’ve selected a material, you can also choose to outfit your fixtures with a unique finish, ranging from anodized and galvanized to vivid colors, such as candy apple blue. You can even pick the size of your T-frame displays, with an array of different options to choose from.

Part # Dimensions
24L-5416-T24" W. X 54" H., 16" DECK
24T-7816-324" W. X 78" H., 16" DECK
24T-8416-324" W. X 84" H., 16" DECK
36T-5416-336" W. X 54" H., 16" DECK
36T-7816-336" W. X 78" H., 16" DECK
36T-8416-336" W. X 84" H., 16" DECK
48T-5416-348" W. X 54" H., 16" DECK
48T-7816-348" W. X 78" H., 16" DECK
48T-8416-336" W. X 84" H., 16" DECK

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