3 Reasons Why Product Display Is Everything

Effective Product Displays Can Drive Sales

If you’re looking to boost your return on investment (ROI), product displays can help. The functionality of the units themselves and the way products are displayed on them have a significant influence over sales. Here are three main reasons why displays are so important in any retail environment.

Customer Engagement

One of the primary purposes of creating product displays is to engage customers through visual merchandising. By creating themed displays, you anticipate what might attract certain types of buyers and help point them in the right direction. For example, you want to make it clear where products can be found throughout the store, so that the customer will never feel confused. To do so, use strategically-placed shelves, pegs and brackets to organize and display products neatly.

Consistent Branding

Every aspect of a retail space helps contribute to the brand’s image. It’s not just the type of products being sold; the music, color scheme and décor all play an influential role in sales as well. When selecting display units and fixtures, choose colors and styles that will appeal most to your clientele. And if you want to give customers a positive first impression of what your store represents, it’s critical to keep your displays clean and well-kept.

Product Placement

Retailers can optimize sales with carefully placed displays. Arrange the units to create an open flow and smart layout. As seasons change, switch up the displays to move priority items to the front end of the store and to the end caps of aisles. Wheeled fixtures and easy-to-install units help maximize product placement all year long, so that you never have to worry about meeting the bottom line.

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