Wall Or Floor, Choosing Your Display Space

Maximize Your Layout

Whether you’re upgrading a current layout or developing an entirely new floor plan, retailers need to find balance between wall and floor product displays. At Megawall, both types of displays can be custom-built to your size and color specifications. You get to choose between steel and aluminum options, and both are made for long-lasting quality and good looks. However, there’s a time, place and purpose for both types, and each comes with its own set of unique advantages.

Wall Display Units

With wall-mounted units, you have the opportunity to display more products without taking up precious space. These can be placed along the perimeter of the store and on aisle end caps, and can usually accommodate pegs, brackets and shelves. They’re typically reserved for merchandise that’s sold all year long, like necessities and staple items. Slatwall fixtures in particular are especially appealing for retailers who are looking for space-saving solutions, since they’re incredibly durable and afford a streamlined look.

Floor Display Units

Floor displays are extremely versatile and can be used to hold virtually any type of inventory. They’re often flexible and some have wheels, so that they can be effortlessly moved to and from the warehouse or around the store. They tend to be most effective when placed in drive aisles, toward the front end area and near the checkout counter. Retailers can easily customize the floor units with pegs and shelves to display promotional, seasonal and trendy items.

Outfit Your Store Today

As you prepare your planogram, consider the benefits of both wall and floor display units. Then, head over to Megawall.com to browse our assortment of customizable display fixtures. We offer steel slatwall displays, as well as steel and aluminum H-frame, L-frame, T-frame and pinwheel units and much more.  For more information about wall-mounted and floor product displays, contact us today for expert advice tailored to your needs.