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MegaWall uses steel with 65% recycled content MegaWall Slatwalls hold over 175 lbs. MegaWall Slatwall MegaWall Slatwall Accessories

MegaWall™ slatwall systems is the premier manufacturer in the World!

MegaWall™ slatwall systems is the premier manufacturer in the World. We make slatwall from Steel, Aluminum and Plastic.

No one in the display industry makes more slatwall styles than MegaWall!

MegaWall Plastic Slatwall Systems

Steel Slatwall

MegaWall steel slatwall is a system of profiles (slats) that interlock to form an uninterrupted wall of metal slatwall. There are no visible fasteners or horizontal seams. The product is extremely durable and strong compared with traditional MDF slatwall. Visually striking colors are available as well as solid colors. All finishes provide the esthetic benefit of the grooves and flat surfaces having the same finish. Learn More.

Aluminum Slatwall Systems

MegaWall aluminum slatwall finishes come in standard colors but can be done in custom colors. Learn More.

Plastic Slatwall Systems

MegaWall plastic slatwall is designed for creative retailers. Curved slatwall is only available from MegaWall. Learn More.